Monday, May 25, 2015

Plastic Surgery GONE ALIEN

First and foremost - I am not against Plastic Surgery, I appreciate people who chase after beauty and there is nothing wrong nor is it a crime to want to look better. I am always very tempted to go under the knife!

Secondly - I have never gone under the knife in any form nor any minor surgery.

This entry is about crossing the line of doing too much Plastic surgery and not admitting while barking at people for being poor and ugly. And is not even plastic surgery gone wrong, it is plastic surgery gone ALIEN. 

(Sorry that I am poor and ugly)

Any clinic want to sponsor me to do my face drop me an email -
HAHA, I seriously want to do like minor part to my face and I believe the good one will definitely not turn out like well read this entry.

Photos below are explicit so read and see at your own risk!  

Read my source and photos from this Article and credits to them and well the user

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (Round Trip)

Singaporean heading to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a short getaway or long weekend or visiting. Well there are many ways you can travel from Singapore to KL.

Car, Bus, Aeroplane or well, even cruise ship..

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

DRx Journey - Part 3 (Q-Switched Lasers)

To get a more radiant and vibrant skin, Dr Tsu recommended me to go for Q-Switched Laser. I know I am under very good care with Dr Tsu as for the past 2 months under DRx clinic with Dr Tsu has drastically changed the condition of my skin from rocky road to almost egg shell condition - WOOHOO!

p.s. - Ignore my sexy headgear

DRx Journey - Part 2

I travel often and travelling often causes dryness to my skin, leading to acnes, exposure to harmful uv rays causing oxidation and darkening of scars. So it is essential and vital to be taking care of your skins, hence I have with me my secret weapons that save me from those problem.

I went for my 2nd consultation at the DRx Clinic and in just barely 1 months plus using exclusively just DRx clinic I can significantly see improvement on my skin, and friends and family been telling me that my skin seems healthier and fairer (Less dull). I literally put all my other skincare product and regime aside and diligently followed only DRX routine. The pimples cleared up, my nose looked so new and my skin was glowing!

And this isn't just because I am sponsored but it is because it really work but since everyone skin is different and I am not a doctor but as far as I know, I have really sensitive skin and it is working perfectly fine for me, if not I will not be blogging about it. And I know the daily issue people face with skin issue hence I hope sharing this will help those in need like me.

Sharing with you a little more about DRx – first ISO 9001 certified medical aesthetic clinic 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Share a Coke

'SHARE A COKE' campaign has arrived in Sunny Singapore, bringing us more joy in this joyous occasion of SG50! 

SG50 X Coke

In celebration of SG50, from now till end of August, Coke™, Coke zero™ and Coke light™ cans and bottles will feature commonly-used Singaporean terms such as “Auntie”, “Uncle”, “Ah Boy” and “Chiongster”; colloquial nicknames such as “BFF”, “Bestie”, “Babe” and “Bro”; classic expressions such as “I Love You” and “You’re the Best” , and favourite Singlish phrases such as “Gam Siah”, “Relak Lah” and “Chiong Ah”

Friday, April 3, 2015

DRx Clinic - My secret to Healthy Beautiful Skin

I am setting off on a new exciting skin care journey with DRx Clinic. Had my first visit about a week plus ago, and I am exclusively using only DRx Clinic products (I am very discipline when it comes to skincare). My main concern and issue with my skin is adult acnes, scars and dull skin which has been bothering me for the past few years. Just a week of using their product I can feel my skin being less oily and all my active acnes are being very obedient and not popping out. But of course my skin is still not excellent, this ain’t magic.

And a man’s skin is actually different than a woman’s skin and even though guys have this extra, anti-aging defense in our favor, it is no reason to abuse it and disregard proper care of our skin. Daily skin care regimen should be followed, using correct products for your skin type isn’t just for the ladies, and skincare is definitely for the gentlemen as well.