Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lee Cooper AW Collection

Recently I did a photoshoot for Lee Cooper with Nookmag. And that is when I discovered how good the apparels were! Here, I’m wearing the new Autumn/Winter Collection 2014. Not only does Lee Cooper offer trendy, the brand also offers quality apparels at affordable prices. Why did I say quality, well you can tell a good pair of jeans easily as a guy need to wears his jeans through just about everything—from first dates to casual weekends and hanging with his buddies. A good pair of jeans is something he can always count on, and every pair should fit like it was made just for him.

So what is this AW 14 collection revolving around?
This season Lee Cooper is celebrating the fact that the brand makes clothes to live in, work in, play in, dance in, drink in, and make music in. If you do not know, with more than 100 years legacy, music makers have always been the pillars to Lee Cooper brand’s DNA.  In the 1970s, their classic denims were worn by rock ‘n’ roll legends, The Rolling Stones (LIKE WOAH). This year we've seen emerging Brit band, Coasts, wearing their gear!

There are about fifteen key looks from this season’s collection. But I will show you two that I wore during the shoot! And am loving it! This photoshoot is a little different from the other photoshoots as I get to choose my own clothes and style it my way with the help of the friendly Lee Cooper staffs.
Visited one of their newest outlet at Orchard Gateway which holds all the latest Lee cooper Collections. The store is very organized as the different season collections are already segregated which not many brands bother to do. Plus, making my life easier was having the staff who assisted in my decision-making when I was caught in a dilemma.

For the first look I was going for a more casual Friday outing, with the checkered shirt and Denim - “Harry” is used as a personality to define the cutting of the jeans, which is modern straight cut. As you can see there are triple stitch along the seams of the jeans – work wear inspired.

As for the shoes and top.
A brown shoes Incorporate work wear details such as rivets around the side and most importantly, this is a new pairs of shoes that I was wearing during the shoot, and I was working around different places for the shoot and it didn't hurt a single bit; really comfortable.

A simple checkered shirt can never go wrong and plus it has details by the sleeves and collar area which makes it simple yet trendy at the same time.

For the second look, I was rocking with denim head to toe. Rocking out the inner dapper punk I have in me.
Denim is the heart of all their collections, and this season they have blended work wear with modern technical influences to create the industrial artisan look.Vintage work wear repaired with stitches and patches represent our design past; crafted top stitching represents the present.  Washes and treatments enhance the muted colour casts. Overdyes and work wear stains enhance the artisan feel of the denim.

Remember to visit the Lee Cooper Stores in Singapore, you won’t regret it. That fitting pair of jeans, and tons of trendy and affordable clothing.

For more information, you can check out the following Lee cooper sites below!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

See it to believe it - Samsung Tab S

Been using my Samsung GALAXY Tab S for my uni life. Lecture has never been so easy as I can view all of my documents, edit and do my work efficiently!
And one of the reason is all the range of accessories Samsung has like the, Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Bluetooth® Keyboard Case - Dazzling White, where its Seamless Design becomes a protective case. It also has a Bluetooth® 3.0 (so there’s no disturbance in my typing or connectivity), Hotkey which is easy to use and manage! Plus, it is rechargeable via MicroUSB (Which is the same charger as my Samsung GALAXY Tab S).

Many classmates were like telling me that they are so amazed that my tablet can match up to their laptop. But mine is way more convenient and lighter! HAHA!

Did I mention that it allows multiple users for just one Samsung GALAXY Tab S! With the Multi User Mode, everyone in the family or your friends can create a private and personalized tablet experience that can be secured with the fingerprint scanner. And for those wanting to keep the little ones entertained, Kids Mode lets you customize playtime and apps with parental control. Parents don’t have to worry about their little kid accessing to their apps or document. You can add up to 8 users on one tablet – so even ah gong, ah ma also can use! And it is just 3 easy steps to setup!

1.     Tap Apps and then Settings.
2.     Tap General and then tap Users.

3.     Tap Add User at the top right corner to add a new user. A pop up will appear.

And don’t worry about your little brother or sister deleting your account! Only the admin can delete users.

And I must emphasize on the battery life! With just one charge, it can last up to 10 hours of mixed usage, involving gameplay, internet browsing and video playback. I don’t have to worry about having to charge my Samsung GALAXY Tab S every time I watch a video, or stream Toggle shows!

Did I mention that Samsung GALAXY Tab S owners actually get exclusive promotions and discounts when they register their Samsung GALAXY Tab S with Samsung GALAXY Life!

That’s is not all,  Samsung GALAXY Life has everything under one roof from Celebrity Interviews, interesting App recommendations, content features and like I mentioned – EXCLUSIVE PRIVILEGES.

I have already redeems so many stuff with Samsung since joining member in MAY, and it just keep getting Better And Better!

There is no hidden agenda, No upfront payment required! Simply redeem your deal by showing your phone to the merchant. It’s as simple as that.

Samsung GALAXY Tab S is able cater to people with different needs. And you know the best always comes in 2.

Samsung GALAXY Tab S comes in 2 sizes – 8.4” or 10.5”
Samsung GALAXY Tab S comes in 2 colours – Titanium Bronze or Dazzling White
Samsung GALAXY Tab S comes in 2 connectivity– Wi-Fi or LTE

You can check out Samsung GALAXY Tab S microsite for more details on the table and decide which one to get now!

You got to see it to believe it!

You will love it, I know I do!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Samsung Tab S?

Gonna share with all of you one of the latest and hottest tablet in the market today.
The Samsung GALAXY Tab S

Detail-Oriented Display

Samsung GALAXY Tab S is not just awesome in hardware with its amazing display which boasts a 2560x1600 Super AMOLED screen with 288ppi pixel density.  With a 16:10 aspect ratio means watching all my favourite movies, dramas and documentary is great as it's almost the same as a widescreen TV! While waiting for friends a cafe, resting at home or even waiting for my flight. Loving how stunningly crisp the display is.

For all the online shoppers, don’t have to worry about how your tablet is unable to show you the right shade of blue, green, red or any colours as the Super AMOLED screen will show you the true colour! I know how annoying it is when you order a turquoise item but when it arrive it is – yes just a normal blue.

Design & Security

It comes in two colours “Titanium Bronze” and “Dazzling White”. The Samsung GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) is one of the thinnest and lightest tablets in the market. It measures 247.3 x 177.3 x 6.6mm

An ultra-thin build with a comfortable design makes this tablet difficult to put down. Lightweight and perfect for travel, perfect for me to bring it around when I travel!

Previously I did mentioned on my blogpost on finger scanner in my Samsung GALAXY S5, Samsung GALAXY Tab S is the first tablet in the market that has finger scanner for that added security.

Shopping on Ebays, Reebonz and many other website has become so easy yet secured by linking my fingerprint with PayPal and Samsung! Just a swipe off my finger, I don’t even need to carry my card around to make payment online thanks to this awesome function! Card less, worriless and more security!


I know it is such an hassle when you are like watching drama or movie on your tablet then your phone has to keep ringing and you have to like paused your show as there are like incoming messages, emails or even notification on your phone. Samsung has solved that problem with SideSync 3.0 - Seamless connectivity between phone and tablet (Compatible with GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE only.
  More devices to follow). Once you set up SideSync 3.0 with your phone and Samsung GALAXY Tab S, you can view your phone screen on the tablet, transfer data, copy & paste text easily between devices. You can even send and receive voice to calls* on the Samsung GALAXY Tab S!

* Compatible with GALAXY S5 LTE and GALAXY Note 3 With LTE only.  More devices to follow.

My folders, apps placement and even wallpaper are all the same even when using SideSync 3.0!

GigOut! PLUS

Keeping updated with all the latest concert around Southeast Asia aren’t easy, and nobody want to miss getting the best seats or concert of their favorite band or singers! GigOut, a free app that shows you available concerts around in Southeast Asia, has just announced that they have entered into a partnership with Samsung and launched a Samsung exclusive version called GigOut! PLUS. The new version will come pre-installed in the newly launched Samsung GALAXY Tab S tablets sold in Singapore. In addition, it also provides you entertainment news to the concerts and if you decide to go any of the concerts listed, you can also purchase the tickets directly from the app. The app shows you which concerts your friends are going too, adding a nice social touch to it.

That is not it, exclusively for Samsung customers and customized for the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, users will get latest news of upcoming concerts in Asia, enjoy great ticket promotions, meet and greet opportunities, and priority booking privileges on “GigOut! PLUS”, Asia’s concert discovery app.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the Samsung GALAXY Tab S, here are some details for you:
·         Retail Price:
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) LTE: SGD 698
GALAXY Tab S (8.4”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 598
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) LTE: SGD 948
GALAXY Tab S (10.5”) Wi-Fi®: SGD 848

·         Colour Availability:
Dazzling White, Titanium Bronze

·         Microsite URL: http://www.samsung.com/sg/galaxytabs/

And I would like to thank Samsung for Sponsoring me with this amazing tablet. :) Love you Samsung! With or without sponsor, I will support Samsung!