Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Mockingjay Part 1 with Dolby Atmos

Last weekend I was really lucky to be invited down to watch “The Hunger Game: Mockingjay Part 1” with Dolby Atmos! One of my favorite movie title along with the future of cinema sound, isn't that the best of both world?

So I was wondering how much can it improve since Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 was already ‘all around you’ , well Dolby Atmos is literally feeling every dimension, with OVERHEAD SPEAKERS (Something new) and surround sound format that pan through the speakers in the cinema – like the aircraft in film that was flying pass, you can really hear them flying literally over you, the whole 2 hours in the cinema I felt like the movie came alive with all the breathtaking detail as the different sound over around me.

I even got a picture for all of you to see how it actually look like in the cinema, look at the amount of place around the cinema (EVEN OVERHEAD)

It was definitely a huge shift of Dolby 7.1 to Dolby Atmos as I felt that I enter a whole new whole of sound rather than a few enhancement. Where major Hollywood studios are participating in producing sound with Dolby Atmos, those titles are rising to the Top of the Chart, with their success, more and more films are using Dolby Atmos (more than 180 films) has been released with the renowned Dolby Atmos. Sound is an important part in life, so we can’t exclude little details like sound of rain, wind, rustling of leaves. Dolby Atmos technology really enhanced the whole movie experience-  SPOILER ALERT, like at the war scenes when Katniss was at District 8 where the we can hear all the aircraft zoom through the sky and which really felt like it was flying pass my head. And how the realistic the whole bombing scene was and how the fire kept on burning, yes even the sound of burning was so lifelike has really added value to movie-watching, I was really immersed in the movie, as if I was in the cinema alone as each scene and sound was so out-of this world. Truly am flabbergasted with sound system Dolby pull through this time.

Even Top Directors Gareth Edwards (Gozilla and Gravity) are using Dolby Atmos to bring extreme experience to the audience. So now you know that even though we are so used to hearing sound, sound can be extra ordinary, sound can be deeper, and audio can be precise from any direction with Dolby Atmos. Really natural and lifelike with powerful bass, in addition to 360 degree of sound in higher definition. I felt like I was each of the Character in Hunger Game, I was shooting Arrows like Katniss, I was the Handsome Gale, and at the same time, I was the wind and the explosion! I really do suggest all of you to watch Hunger game or any other movie in Dolby Atmos to experience what I experience which is to Feel every dimension of the sound.

With the other bloggers

And I found out that we can bring that futuristic sound system back too, if you purchase Onkyo Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers (for home theater) you can experience this in the comfort of your own home! How AMAZING! After experiencing it with my sister, we even want to bring one Onkyo Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers back home! HAHA

I seriously can’t wait to catch part 2 of the Hunger Game in Dolby Atmos! And I think action pack block buster films like “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” will definitely be awesome to be watching it with Dolby Atmos! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Black Hair Salon

I am glad to say I am now officially with Black Hair Salon whom I know is going to take care good care of my hair ~
I recently made my first appointment with the salon and decided to go ahead to dye my hair to my favorite shade of red velvet with a pinch of purple all thanks to my stylist – Nicky.

And before I start the post in proper, here’s a big thanks to Raymond and Deniece for making all the necessary arrangement, and am even more thankful with the fact that they have been really friendly and helpful with all my enquires (Because I do have my Himbo moments)!

Black Hair Salon just had a makeover and I am loving the new renovated salon, the lighting is just - too lovely not to snap any selfie! lighting is just - too lovely not to snap any selfie! 

I am really particular about my hair because yes I am vain by nature, and I always believe that my hair is a really important part of me. I pamper my hair more than anything else. So when it comes to the salon and stylist - I am really picky on the services and the standard of their work. Before heading down to Black Hair Salon, I remember myself asking my friends around me about the salon and tons of compliments were showered upon hearing their name. (Half the worries gone, believe my hair is in good hands)


And indeed, when I was there on a weekday at 11 am - The salon was already packed with customers (A good sign!). And to me, other than the skills of the stylist and all, the services the staffs provide you with plays a huge part in determining if the salon is sincere in terms of its service quality. Hair treatment and hair dye sessions usually takes up to hours and I think everybody can relate to the boredom and how restless you can get just by sitting there. In another words, it is thus heavily dependent on the stylist’s effort to be talking and engaging to their customers and giving them the necessary attention. My 5 hours there was definitely not boring and rather fun, I thought it would be awkward but everyone there was super friendly and even though it was my first time there, I felt like I have known them for years! Nicky is so funny! HAHA 

Overall, I personally like how the staffs go beyond that extra miles to make sure that you are comfortable at all times and I like how home-ly the salon makes me feel ;)

You really got to personally check out their team of friendly, funny and professional stylists!


There is one particular thing that Black Hair Salon really impressed me a lot, which is how the stylists would take extra care of their customer's hair. 

What do I mean?

 If they think that your hair is damage or not suitable for certain colour or treatments, they will advise you and focus on making your hair healthy rather than going into bleaching or colouring your hair which could lead to disastrous outcome.

Lucky for me my hair was healthy and bleaching wasn't an issue – all the effort and time spent pampering my hair didn't go to waste haha!

Haircut and Bleaching first - I think subconsciously I was expecting to feel that itch or burn during bleaching as I normally would. But nope not this round; Good quality product do make a difference!

Down to colouring! Initially wanted to go Grey, but I asked for suggestion from Nicky who took the patience to show me tons of the latest and trendy colour that would be suitable for me. And Voila! I am super-duper happy with the outcome! And I can't wait for my next trip down! 

And for their grand opening on the 16th Nov! 

Here is the beautiful result! WOOHOO! Red velvet with pinch of Purple! How not to love such delicious hair colour! Moreover, my hair didn't feel dry or damage at all!

Yes, I am obsessed with my new hair! HAHA

Right now they are having a November's Promotion!
School's over, exams done, holiday season is coming so it is time to pamper yourself!

Right now they are having a November's Promotion!
10% off the 1st service and 20% off your subsequent services.

School's over, exams done, holiday season is coming so it is time to pamper yourself to prepare for the upcoming festive season!

*applies to only 1 person per receipt.
*promotion ends on 30th November 2014! So please hurry!

But don't worry, even if you miss this promotion! You can ..
 Quote my name - "HELLVEN" to get a 10% off their service! :)

The Bencoolen
108 Bencoolen Street

6835-9976/6242-3945/ 9023-0098

Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 8:30 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kris by Mence

Having a healthy BMI is really important – you can save time especially if you are enlisting to the army soon. Why?

BMT programme for recruits with Body Mass Index (BMI) scores exceeding 27.0 will be 19 weeks LONG! Yes, but if you have a healthy BMI and passes your NAPFA test, you only need to undergo 9-weeks of BMT, even if you failed your NAPFA but has a healthy BMI, you only need to undergo 9-weeks of BMT plus 8 weeks of physical training! Obesity can cause a variety of adverse health consequences, leading to reduced life expectancy and/or increased health problems. Obesity is associated with many diseases, particularly heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

And this is quote from -> 
A BMI value of 23 and above indicates that your weight is outside of the healthy weight range for your height. A BMI of 23 or more puts you at greater risk of obesity-related diseases.

So a healthy BMI can help to save you 2 to 10 weeks of training! And it is definitely worth it, why?Having a healthy BMI, would means a healthier life, looking better and feeling better!
It is right to be embrace your look and your body, I am not saying everyone has to be size 0 or have 6 packs, but it is not okay if your weight is causing harm to your body and you are not do something about it. Because you risk of many medical complications of due to obesity


And I am not just talking about people who has issue with being overweight but people who are underweight too! I personally barely passed being healthy of 18.7

So what is your BMI?

Here is the solution to your problem!
So I decided to do something about my health and to achieve a healthier body with the help of Kris by Mence! I just started my first treatment on 9th July 2014!

Many people who are living in this concrete jungle in this century are fighting against time, we had so much to do but so little time. Many are busy working from morning till night, and some had to study and all. I know how you all feel.I am a full-time undergraduate, who is busy with my work – acting, blogging, attending events and even my global events job which requires me to travel overseas. Which result in me having little time to exercise and to achieve the body I want!
Many people fail to look after their health due to their hectic lifestyle. The long working hours and stress, as well as poor eating habits give rise to health issues such as high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes. And that is where Kris By Mence comes into play. Kris by Mence is a Pioneer in Men’s Skincare and Body Toning Authority!

(Photo of a Couple Room)

Kris By Mence has brought in the most advance international patent Weight Loss System from Mence (Hong Kong). This system brings an array of proven effective and non-invasive treatments that target to fill in the gaps of services failed to be provided by majority of the slimming centers locally. Moreover with more than 30 years of track record in helping individuals regain their health, this valued system will help clients attain their desired physiques at the same time. All that customers need to do is to come and enjoy the treatments.


There must be many questions popping in your mind, how can it be so good? It is too good to be true! I have many questions before starting my treatment, and here are some of the questions you might have in mind!

But thanks to the professional qualified consultants at Kris By Mence who conducted a detailed and thorough 30-minute assessment of customers revealing the status of their prevailing physical condition.
 Thereafter a personalized anti-aging and weight management program will be customized to cater to meet the needs of each individual. The programs will be tailored based on the customer’s body composition in terms of muscle density, level of water retention, proportion of protein and minerals, as well as body fats.


Their advanced technology will give an abdominal analysis as well as synthetic analysis, identifying the problem areas, targeting to reduce these health issues (by for example, effectively reducing the visceral fat level), thereby achieving the optimal health level in accordance to their age. Moreover their consultants offer a nutritional assessment and will recommend a suitable dietary plan for the customers based on their food preference and eating habits. With all the above in place, customers can be assured that they are getting the best advices from the consultants at Kris By Mence.
Some examples of treatment are

Fat Softening

Lymphatic Drainage

Toning of Muscle

Are there any side effect?

Their non-invasive method does not only produce no side-effect, it also improves your health condition. Different advanced equipment and physio-therapy method are used to pinpoint different fat tissues; and when matched with a balanced diet as suggested by their dietitians, results will be more vivid in a shorter period of time.
Firsthand experience, I have been doing the treatment for almost 2 month. I never felt so healthy before, I used to fall sick pretty often if you know me. But after the treatment, I have been feeling more energetic and healthier! Which lead to me having happier mood!

Would my weight rebound easily?

Never, as long as you maintain a healthy and balanced diet post treatment. Their method is based on the principle of improving your body circulation; therefore it is unlikely for weight to rebound.
My experience there has been good, as I am going there to gain more muscle mass and weight, I have gone from 60kg (July) to 63.4kg (Last recorded on 2nd September) in less than 2 month time.

How many times do I have to come in per month? And how long is each visit?

They usually recommend their clients to visit at least once to twice per week. Each session would be an hour and a half, or even longer. While more frequent visits will lead to faster results, clients are free to work around their schedules to come in for treatments.

Kris by Mence are really flexible and helpful, as I am very busy with my schedule, they often help me to make my visit easier. Located in the hearts of Singapore near the train station! Plus, I get to enjoy the treatment – feels like going to spa, and I fell asleep all the time with the good ambience and professional treatment, I am at ease each time! Or you can watch TV if you like or play with your phone, no restriction, everything is at your comfort!

Check out the private treatment room, I get to shower, dry my hair and style it if I need to go out after treatment – Everything is provided there! I am not joking about how comfortable it is there! You can even choose to do the treatment with your love one in the couple room!

How much should I pay for fat reduction and body trimming?

That depends on how much weight you would like to lose and what your objective is. The volume and cost of individual packages are proportional to the number of pounds you want to lose and how you decide to set the objective of your weight lost programme.

Upon their complimentary consultation where different aspects of your body condition are measured and analyzed, they would tailor a best fit course for you for your consideration. The final decision lies in your hands.


Being a model, I cannot stand myself gaining over 20 pounds of weight, belly and double chin during my 2-month food trip to Hong Kong, because that will greatly affect my modeling career. But a friend introduced me to MENCE and I am very surprised that my original healthy figure came back after a month’s treatment!

Otto Chan
I worked out everyday until I was forced to stop for 2 months because of my injury during filming. My waist got thicker and I had to go to MENCE weekly for treatments. Within a month, my waist slimmed down and in the second month, I have lost 30 pounds, strengthened my muscles and even got very defined abdominal muscles! I am very impressed that the effectiveness of MENCE treatments is even more efficient than exercising!

Hawick Lau

MENCE has completely transformed me into the confident man that I am today, and most importantly, helps breaking through invaluable work opportunities in the showbiz. Apart from looking good without involving any drugs or invasive methods, I have also become healthier and is able to keep my abdominal muscles in shape with simple sit-ups even during my work in mainland.

Lau Dan

I always thought looking slim and fit is an exclusive privilege for youngsters until my son Hawick explained to me what MENCE can do for people of all ages regarding health and weight management. Therefore I gave it a go and am very pleased with my flat belly and healthy body that allows me to keep exceling under irregular and prolonged working hours!


I am flattered by people’s compliments to my health and energy after my concert for my 80th birthday! The secret behind, is MENCE’s body treatments that help keeping my waist firm. Their facial treatments that pinpoint eye bags and double chin are especially suitable for me, as I can still look presentable without wearing any make-up!

I have personally met Otto Chan, Lau Dan to hear them on their experience and how kris by mence has helped them!

And these two beautiful ladies are the one that make all these possible.

As for me, I have achieved result, I might not have achieved my 6 packs yet but I believe in time to come with the help of Kris by Mence, I can show you my before and after soon! 

I can show you some of my RESULTS!
As you can see my B.M.I. – has improved from 18.8 to 19.1
P.B.F (Perfect body Fats) – 7.6 to 11.9!
M.B.F (Mass of Body Fats) – 4.8 to 7.6

Abdominal Analysis
Abdominal Level has gone from 1 to 3! Heading towards a balance range, which means I have more healthy fats that can protect me if I fall.
W.H.R. (Waist–hip ratio) has increase – 0.65 to 0.71 (Almost close to an optimal Range)

I have really gain more define muscle in less than 2 month of treatment, and waiting for more of the result, so stay tune.

Don’t wait till you have weight issue, or regret in future. If you want to achieve a healthier body or manage your weight go to Kris by Mence NOW!

Phone : (65) 6536 5747
Fax : (65) 6536 5703

Shop Location : 
Kris By Mence Pte Ltd
39 Robinson Road
#07-03 Robinson Point
Singapore 068911

Operating Hour :
Monday to Friday :
 11:00 – 21:00
Saturday/Public Holidays : 10:00 – 20:00
Sunday : Close

 I am not paid for this blog post, if you are wondering.
It is because Kris by Mence really did help me to achieve a healthier weight and my dream of a healthier sexy body, hence I will like to share with all of you.

PLUS -  
If you show them this blog post, you can get a special discount for the treatment!

Many working professional or students have weight issue but choose to avoid or the wrong way or dieting, I highly suggest you not to, and seek professional like Kris by Mence. J