Friday, February 5, 2016

Plastic Surgery GONE ALIEN (a.k.a Snake boy Chris)蛇精男 PART 2

Never expect to be blogging about him again. - 蛇精男. I call him Alien anyway!

It was about a year ago that I blogged about him - self-explanatory on why people dislike him.
Can read my blog post about him (Even before he was scolding Singaporean).

Even after attacking Malaysian and Taiwanese like a year ago, he decided to attack Singapore with his Sharp Chin Words.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Managing Your Money Well for a Comfortable Retirement Nest-Egg

Happy New Year Everyone! I believe many of us will have New Year's resolutions set for 2016. What’s yours? One of my resolutions includes starting a plan to be DEBT-FREE and build up my savings so that I can work towards retiring with a peace of mind when I’m in my 60s! Most of you probably must be thinking – Waliao, so kiasu, plan retirement when it is still such a long way to go?! 

But think about it, if I have a proper retirement and saving plan for the next 40 years of my life, I will have a pool of finances ready for providing me a steady stream of income in my golden years. Imagine having the freedom and ability to travel the world whenever I want, with no worries about debt or any financial burden!

As most of you know – I have just graduated from university and I am entering the next phase in life as a working adult. I would advise my peers and the rest of you who are still studying or might be graduating soon, to read this post and think about what I wrote.

If you read my post on CPF (MediShield Life) earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with the CPF Board to ask them about CPF. I was able to grasp and understand the importance of CPF, what and how my contributions to the three different accounts were, and what I stood to gain from CPF at different phases and stages of my life.

Friday, January 15, 2016

MediShield Life - Better Protection, for all, for Life

I have never bothered much about my CPF, Medisave, or MediShield Life until my dad was admitted to the hospital due to stroke recently.

The hospital fee came up to a whopping amount of $81,003.39 (before government subsidy, Medisave and MediShield). This was when I finally came to realize the importance of these schemes , why it is necessary for Singaporeans to contribute to CPF, and how Medisave and MediShield Life can help us cover a significant amount of our healthcare costs.

As you can see, this was before MediShield was replaced by MediShield Life. And it has already saved so much money for my family.

After deducting the government subsidy ($68,714.50), Medisave ($2,833.38) and MediShield ($9,500.37), we only had to pay $63.10 which is not even 1% of the total cost. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! But do not forget about Woof Woof Woof Merry Christmas! Dogs are a man's best friend" isn't just a saying. They are loyal, most significantly is their willingness to provide their family members with unconditional love and companionship down to their very last breath. So how can we not reward them back with the upmost love and care?
Perrobox is a Singapore-Based monthly subscription box service, by dog-lovers for dog-lovers. Their team carefully curates the best organic healthy treats, toys & everything dog-related into one amazing Perrobox for your beloved pup!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Let’s Stand Together! Cyber Savvy ≠ Cyber Safe

You are Cyber Savvy but ARE YOU Cyber Safe?
Recently, I was approached by NSCS (National Security Coordination Secretariat) on the Let’s Stand Together campaign. And – I am definitely excited about working with them and sharing the importance about cyber safety as I have been a victim of cyber-crime and this past experience has triggered me to be more cyber safe. So I will like to use this opportunity to share this campaign with all my friends, family and readers.  If you read to the bottom, you will also see a contest question – if you answer and I pick you, you can win a $100 Scoot Voucher or other prizes!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

BC Showroom - Affordable Branded Eyewear

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way to BC Showroom. Sharing with you all a great Christmas gift choice for your love one! Or even just for your own use!

Bcshowroom is a chain of Optical Retails outlets that sell Prescribed Spectacles, Sunglasses, relevant accessories, and Contact Lenses. Even if you are too busy to head own to the shop, they have branched out to streamline their products via Online Platform, so that anyone is able to get access to affordable eye wear, and provide excellent after-sale services.


BCShowroom carry many selection and brands includes, RayBan, Oakley, Nike, SuperDry, Korean brands like Laneige and Pescara, just to name a few (frames and sunglasses) and all major brands of contact lenses which you can find at any other optical outlets. In addition, they are supporting the local designer - BC showroom carry the local eye wear brand oblique ” instagram: obliqueeyewear

Read till the end to get the discount code! :)